Types of wood

Tree has been beneficial to man from the onset of civilization. From trees we get timber which is used for various needs, and one of them being crafted into exquisite furniture. Nowadays various types of wood are used for furniture manufacturing, depending on the trend and availability of wood at affordable cost etc. But always Teak Wood and Rose Wood furnitures are in demand.

Rose wood is a very hard wood and is dark reddish brown in color. As it is not that freely available, it is more expensive. Furniture in rose wood is considered to be a priceless procession.

Teak wood is found mainly in India and South East Asia. Teak is a hard and moisture resistant wood. Teak is available from yellow to dark brown and tends to darken over a period of time.

Other timber like mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry and oak are also used in making furniture, but is found more in the north of our country.

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